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Simple, Yet Effective Lower Back Pain Recommendations

In 2021, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) published an updated version of 'Best Practice Guidelines' highlighting research-based approaches and recommendations on treating acute and chronic lower back pain. The exhaustive 60 page document was received well internationally as it highlighted the most up-to-date research for clinician reference.

💡💡A patient perspective, 1-page summary was created to summarising the key recommendations and published in the internationally-renowned JOSPT journal. Due to the burden and disability of Lower back pain faced by many, it has often been both over simplified and 'over-complicated' all over the internet. The following is a great starting point and reset button to taking control of your lower back pain:

If you or someone you know is struggling with their lower back pain recovery, feel free to get in touch via the clinic/contact tabs to arrange a consultation.


Rohil Chauhan is a Spinal Orthopedic Physiotherapist working at the Auckland Spine Surgical Centre in a diagnostic role, alongside consulting spine surgeons. He commonly assesses, diagnoses and manages the treatment of patients with spinal-related pain. If you have been struggling with similar pains and would like an assessment and input, please get in touch via the Clinic tab to book an appointment to see him.

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